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WELCOME TO OUR SITE the "singing wolf" Cantalupo is our go to mascot. He is singing because he picked the right family products.

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We pick the finest family run businesses to bring products to your table. We audit for quality and control.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Balsamic Vinegar

Wheat Flour

Gourmet Food and container products

Fusti, Food Container

Pick the right Food for your restaurant

Don't settle on the ordinary brands at Sysco and US Foods.  Get the personal attention from a family run business.

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Gourmet Tasting

Setup a tasting at your grocery store. Get the "Sing wolf" to  pick the gourmet products in your store to sell ".

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Company or Organization Event

Setup a tasting at you organization. Get the pick the right product for your corporate kitchen  or your snack room. Healthy and non GMO products.

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